Monday, February 22, 2010

Soupe à l’Onion Gratinée

My Rating: *****
Location: Petit Robert Bistro. 468 Commonwealth Ave. Boston, MA 02215

This cozy and sometimes unnoticeable French restaurant holds one of the best onion soups I have ever had. Dig into the think layer of gratineed cheese to find a lightly salted, flavour-filled soup. The toast is hidden at the bottom of everything, long soaked in the onion broth.  

The soup is at its best when its straight out of the oven. Enjoy the texture of molten cheese while you slowly sip on the hot soup. Together with the live Jazz playing (every Sunday from 1pm to 3pm) and the cold windy weather outside, this little pot of soup brings warmth and satisfaction for those seeking the "home-made" and "cozy" rather than the fancy and luxurious. 

Friday, February 19, 2010

Chipotle Barbacoa Burrito

Ingredients: rice, black beans, barbacoa, corn medium spicy salsa, red pepper extra hot sauce, cheese and lettuce.
Overall rating: ****
Location: 876 Commonwealth Av. Boston, MA. 

So this no novelty, but I thought I should post it up due to my inexplicable passion for Burritos. A Chipotle opened up on campus yesterday (they were giving out free burritos 11am to 8pm), so I decided to go there for lunch.
One thing I figured, is that it is SO HARD to take a good picture of something as disgusting (yet so yummy) as a bitten burrito. I think I took ten shots or so before I decided to post this one up (my second shot -_-).

Anyway, it was my first time having the Barbacoa burrito and I have to say, I recommend to those who are looking for a tinge of spice and softness in their beef. I have only had the Chipotle Chicken and Steak burritos before which aren't bad, but the Barbacoa definitely brings out a different texture, though obviously its more oily. To enhance the flavour and the whole burrito "experience", I would suggest you to put both the Corn salsa and the red pepper hot sauce. Since the corn is sweet, it adds a crisp and fresh feel to the surrounding mushy rice, soft beans and molten cheese.  To make it even better, add the Rapalenos Tabasco sauce...a mild spicyness with a twist.

I don't think I could ever rate Chipotle burritos as five stars though.For the big fans out there I am sorry but I personally think Anna's Taqueria is MUCH better. The rice and beans at Chipotle don't seem to have much seasoning, while Anna's bring out a more authentic Mexican flavour and feel. Furthermore, the whole feeling of sitting in a Anna's and Chipotle is definitely different too. At Anna's you are helped by a spanish speaking community surrounded by exotic mexican music but in Chipotle you are sitting down listening to American country songs (at least thats what was playing today). The whole feeling and satisfaction after eating is just different.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Granola Apple Yogurt

  • One Apple
  • As much Vanilla non-fat yogurt as you want
  • 1/2 cup of Special K Granola
It's a healthy way to start or end your day...or to simply eat in the middle of the day. It is for breakfast, lunch, dinner...anything!! :) Granola and yogurt one of my favourite..hmm can I call it a meal? 
The crunchyness of the granola all mixed together with the yogurt's consistency...YUM! Actually, the fatter the yogurt the better the consistency, but for diet issues..lets leave it at non-fat! haha..As long as the granola is still crunchy and the yogurt is till's allllll good. Seriously, soggy granola is one the BIGGEST turn-offs in life and the same goes to cereals.
By adding fruits like bananas, apples, strawberries, blueberries you create a different mixture of texture and flavour! This particular mixture might be a little sweet for some of you out there, I'm personally not a fan of things that are overwhelmingly sweet and artificial (the vanilla yogurt), but I guess the natural taste of the apples and the grainy flavours of the granola balances everything out.
Oh! AND it keeps you full!! :D

Friday, February 5, 2010

Strawberry and Cream Chocolate - Hotel Chocolat

Description: "a classic combination recreated in this soft centered recipe"
Review: With a thick layer of white chocolate on the outside and a thin layer of milk chocolate on the inside, the chocolate breaks as you first take a bite and you can taste some of the strawberry cream. The white chocolate immediately starts melting while strawberry cream dissolves slowly. When the entire chocolate is put into the mouth you first feel the sweet taste of the strawberry cream and as it is slowly dissolving and disappearing, you slowly feel the rich taste of white creamy chocolate. Both falvours blend together smoothly and slowly while you savour the taste and texture. Eventually it dissolves leaving a mild sweet aftertaste in your mouth.
My rating: *****
Location: Its in the Copley mall in Boston. Im sure a lot of you have seen it!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


So...I have finally decided to get into this! 
An idea of a food blog has been in my mind ever since September, but I still needed that last push to make this happen. Bet all of my family and friends out there find this blog a perfect reflection of me. 

For those who don't know me, just know one thing: I LOVE eating. Not just eating whatever that is in front of me, or gobbling down junk food while watching TV (though I have those days - I am sure that if you are a girl, you understand me (my roommates sure do!)), but appreciating a carefully cooked meal. By meal, I mean a meal that makes you naturally go O_O when you take the first bite...when the flavor, texture and "feeling" first hits you. I don't know what it's like for you, but for me, food can affect my mood of the entire day. Basically, good food makes me happy and unappetizing food can make me really moody. I bet lots of you out there share the same feelings. 

I wanted to differentiate this food blog from many out there by making it more personal. Therefore, the accounts I write are more for personal reasons rather than trying to inform people, yet I was hoping that my mouthwatering experiences could inspire some of you out there some way or the other.  

Hope you enjoy it! :)