Sunday, May 9, 2010

Coxinha & Coxa Creme

Two popular Brazilian snacks consumed during any time of the day, both the Coxinha and the Coxa Creme are chicken based.
The coxinha (first) is made from a filling of shredded chicken breast and spices wrapped in a slightly thick layer of deep fried flour, potato or manioc batter. Some chicken broth is added to accentuate the chicken flavor. Two varieties are usually offered: plain chicken breast or with "Catupiry" cheese - a creamy cheese based cream I have not seen in the US yet.
The Coxa Creme on the other hand, instead of using shredded chicken breast, is made out of the chicken drumstick itself dipped into flour batter and deep fried. It usually contains Catupiry inside, making the outside fried dough even more creamy and moist.
Interestingly, the Coxinha was based off the Coxa Creme. The shape of the Coxinha itself is supposed to resemble a chicken drumstick , hence a toothpick is inserted at the top to represent the bone. The word "coxinha" itself means "little thigh" in portuguese.
The Coxinha was the first thing I consumed after I got off the plane. It is a MUST EAT whenever I come home to visit as it is one of my favorite Brazilian snacks ever since Kindergarten.
These snacks are commonly found in every coffee shop or bakery (we call them "Padaria) and go really well with a cup of freshly squeezed orange juice or a Brazilian style coffee and milk. If not consumed as breakfast, some Tabasco sauce makes the snack all the more flavorful.