Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Interesting Cheese story

While reading "Edible Boston" I stumbled upon a article on Cheese by Robert J. Aguilera.
He talks about the creation or birth of Roquefort cheese.
"According to legend, a shepherd boy was eating a sandwich made with creamy ewe's milk cheese while sitting next to the opening of a cave in southwestern France. He was interrupted by the sight of a pretty girl in the distance. He had to talk to her so he set his sandwich down by the cave and forgot about it.
A few days later, when he returned to the cave and found the half eaten sandwich, he noticed that a bluish-green mold had grown on the bread and cheese. Being a little curious and possibly hungry, the boy took a bite. It tasted so good he set about trying to repeat the happy accident."
J. Aguilera, Robert. Edible Boston #18, p.23
Such a cute little cheese story. Just thought it was relevant to my food blog!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Magnolia Bakery

Located in the busy streets of the Av. of Americas, New York this bakery houses one of the most creamy,smooth and flavorful red velvet cheesecakes I have ever had. If you think Cheesecake Factory Red Velvet Cheesecake is the bomb, then this one is the s*. No other description sorry. The cheesecake part just melts in your mouth when you take a spoon full, topping it up with a crunchy taste of the chocolate cookie crust at the bottom. What is most important, is that cheesecake is not overly sweet (like those at Cheesecake Factory), in fact if you are a fan of dark chocolate with that bitter sweet taste, this cheesecake is just for you. 
For those interested in paying a visit, just click on their website below!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


First photo: Meat Samosa
Second photo: Murg (chicken) Tikka Masala
Third photo: Gosht Saag - chunks of boneless lamb, cooked with yogurt, spinach and spices.

During this "summer turning into fall" weather the perfect place to hit for a chill dinner (perhaps after work, or for the weekend) is definitely Newbury street. The streets busts with people sitting on the outside tables, chit chatting about their lives. 
Newbury offers a number of restaurants which have about the same style of menu. If not Italian or French food, then its a mixture of Euro American dishes. One restaurant, however, strands out: Kashmir - a Indian restaurant.
Kashmir offers seats both inside and outside. Because of the weather, we sat outside, however, the ambience inside is quite nice. Ornate with Indian decorations, Kashmir gives that "authentic food" vibe. To enhance the feel, soothing Indian instrumental music plays both inside and outside. All this, together with the soft 7pm breeze that slowly brings the feeling of Autumn, the experience is just relaxing...those that make you *sigh* and then smile and sit back.
In terms of food, I was a little disappointed with their plain Naan. It could be a little more crunchy and less oily. The chapatti we ordered was not what we expected either. We wanted the crispy one, and what they served was like pita bread.
A advice to spicy food lovers: if you want spicy, then definitely go for hot. We asked for the mild and I didn't feel much.
Other than that, it was alllll good. The Chicken Tikka Masala had more falvour than others I've had and the lamb in the Gosht Saag had the most tender and soft lamb meat I've ever had.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lamb and Rice

Location: 36th and 6th Av, NYC

After hearing people say about the delights of this little cart, I went to check it out for the first time this year and OMG no wonder people are SOO crazy about it! It is actually nothing very sophisticated, just a simple Halal cart in the corner of 36th street and 6th Ave.  The components consist of rice, chicken or lamb, ice berg lettuce and strips of pita bread...the magic, however, begins when you add the white sauce (people just call it white sauce..which I suspect is yogurt based) and the hot sauce. Everything is mixed together in a yummy mess. In my opinion, the more white sauce, the better. It makes the ingredients stick together so that with only a spoon full, you get to taste all the flavours offered by the lamb,rice,and lettuce. 

I like eating the pita bread on the side. Once the taste of the lamb/chicken gets too overwhelming, dip a strip of pita bread into the white sauce and take a bite - it neutralizes the taste slightly. 

For those who enjoy spicy food, I would suggest to indulge in as much of the spicy sauce as you can take. DO NOT underestimate it though. Its pretty damn spicy. 

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hibiscus Caipirinha - Masa

Photo: Joeal Veak
"Greg Neises, lead bartender at Masa, 439 Tremont St., Boston, developed a new cocktail (...) His Hibiscus Caipirinha ($12) is sweetened with earthy agave nectar instead of sugar and laced with a tea-like infusion of tart hibiscus flowres and piquant juniper berries (the dominant element in gin), thereby giving it an unusual democratic appear to rum, tequila and gin drinkers."

Quote from: Stuff Magazine, June 29, 2010 - July 12, 2010 issue. pg.38

As a natural caipirinha lover, I wonder how this drink would taste. Seems perfect for the summer weather!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Blueberry Cheesecake Cup - Tatte

Tatte, located on 1003 Beacon Street, Brookline | MA, offers a cozy environment for fine pastry and dessert lovers. The retro and earthy colours of the bakery brings out a sepia photography feel, a calm and serene space to sip on a cappuccino while helping yourself to one of their many specialties. 

Monday, June 7, 2010

Watermelon and Feta

My Rating: *****
Components: watermelon, feta cheese, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, parsley
Location: Vlora Boston Mediterranean Restaurant | 545 Boylston Street, Boston

Weird? Yes, that is what I thought so too, but for those who are willing to taste something different, this appetizer is AMAZING! 
It is perfect for a bright summer day. Fresh, sweet, juicy watermelon with a slight hint of salt from the feta, plus a light touch of the balsamic flavour all mix together in a soothing and refreshing starter. 
What's more? It is easy to make! Surprise your guests with this simple yet aesthetically pleasing dish for a nice summer lunch at your place :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


The Feijoada is also known as the "national dish" of Brazil. Many foreigners and tourists are thrown off by its black and purple-ish looks and some cannot handle the strong taste of black beans, pork and beef. This is, however, a weekly traditional Brazilian dish and definitely one of my favorites!

The dish came from Portugal, just like many others, due to the Portuguese colonization back in days. The name comes from the Portuguese word "feijão" which means "beans" - the main ingredient. The beans are typically cooked in a thick clay pot over a small fire together with salted pork, bacon, some pork trimming, smoked sausage and jerked beef. The stew is then accompanied with rice, farofa (lightly roasted coarse cassava flour), stir fried collard greens and slices of oranges. 

Because it is such a heavy dish, Feijoadas are typically served only on Wednesday's and Saturdays. 

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Coxinha & Coxa Creme

Two popular Brazilian snacks consumed during any time of the day, both the Coxinha and the Coxa Creme are chicken based.
The coxinha (first) is made from a filling of shredded chicken breast and spices wrapped in a slightly thick layer of deep fried flour, potato or manioc batter. Some chicken broth is added to accentuate the chicken flavor. Two varieties are usually offered: plain chicken breast or with "Catupiry" cheese - a creamy cheese based cream I have not seen in the US yet.
The Coxa Creme on the other hand, instead of using shredded chicken breast, is made out of the chicken drumstick itself dipped into flour batter and deep fried. It usually contains Catupiry inside, making the outside fried dough even more creamy and moist.
Interestingly, the Coxinha was based off the Coxa Creme. The shape of the Coxinha itself is supposed to resemble a chicken drumstick , hence a toothpick is inserted at the top to represent the bone. The word "coxinha" itself means "little thigh" in portuguese.
The Coxinha was the first thing I consumed after I got off the plane. It is a MUST EAT whenever I come home to visit as it is one of my favorite Brazilian snacks ever since Kindergarten.
These snacks are commonly found in every coffee shop or bakery (we call them "Padaria) and go really well with a cup of freshly squeezed orange juice or a Brazilian style coffee and milk. If not consumed as breakfast, some Tabasco sauce makes the snack all the more flavorful.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Kiss Me Maki

My Rating: ***
Components: Inside: Crab meat, cucumber, avocado, cream cheese.
Outside: Covered with shrimp, black flying fish roe, scallions, yogurt sauce, sweet chili sauce.
Location: Privus | 165 Brighton Av., Allston, MA 02134

I decided to write about one of Privus' makis not only because it is closing this week but also because this particular Maki was indeed interesting. 
The name of the maki suggests something sweet, fruity and perhaps creamy (other than a salty maki with some crunch) but the taste one expects and the taste itself is completely different. At least that is what I thought.
The sweet chili sauce brings a certain sweetness, but because of the shrimp, the sweetness is neutralized as opposed to if mango was used instead. 
It is a pretty creamy maki though and I would recommend to those who are a fan of cream cheese, however, I would not recommend to those looking for a more traditional maki taste. It could be closely compared to a shrimp nigiri sushi only with some sweetness and cream added to it - the avocado, cucumber and crabsticks don't really make THAT much of a difference in terms of flavor. 
What makes this maki even more "interesting" is the yogurt sauce. It brings a new and sort of refreshing taste to the maki. You taste it with the sweet chili sauce right when you start bitting the maki, and as you start chewing, the flavor slowly disappears as the overwhelming cream cheese takes over.
Well, not the best bust definitely something unique. 

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tomato Fried Egg

Components: Egg and Tomato
Location: Home

For those who don't know, this is a very traditional and basic Chinese dish made from Tomato, Eggs and a few simple ingredients. Why did I choose to write about it? Well, not only did I make it for lunch today but also because this dish has a personal meaning.
To begin, I do not eat tomatoes. I can sometimes tolerate them in Guacamole, Pico de Gaio and some sandwiches (if in small amount) but I cannot simply eat plain, raw, icky tomatoes. I absolutely hate their taste and texture! Back at home, when my mom used to make this dish for dinner, I would pic out the tomatoes and only eat the eggs. Yuck! 
The weirdest thing is, however, the moment I started cooking my own food in college, I started craving this dish. The taste was somehow associated with the feeling of home, family and motherly love and I guess cooking this dish was a way to bring those old memories of home closer to me.
This happens to be though, the only 'type' of tomatoes I eat, i.e. cooked tomatoes, and that is why its so special to me :D

Ingredients: (for one person)
  • 1 tomato
  • 1 garlic
  • 1egg
  • hondashi
  1. Mince the garlic into tiny pieces and throw it into the pan after heating the oil.
  2. When the garlic is slightly golden, throw in the tomatoes.
  3. Stir fry tomatoes till they get mushy and the juice has come out (optional)
  4. Slightly beat the egg and add some Hondashi to it, then pour into pan with tomatoes. 
  5. Add just a tiny bit of salt and sugar.
  6. Stir until egg is cooked and serve on a bed of rice.
It's easy, fast and healthy! :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Beef Strogonoff

My Rating: ****
Location: 421 Cambridge Street Allston | MA 02134 
(617) 789-5980

Weird name? Surprisingly enough it is not a weird word amongst the Brazilians, yet here in the US I have not met one single person who knows what it is. Well, too bad you are missing out. 

Strogonoff, originated from Russia and most probably invented by the Stroganov family, is a very popular dish amongst Brazilians. Of course, the Brazilian version includes a few changes to the original Russian version. While the Russian version uses mustard and bouillon with a final touch of sour cream for the sauce, the Brazilian version includes stir fried onions and mushrooms while the sauce is made with heavy whipping cream instead of sour cream, with an addition of Ketchup or Tomato sauce and mustard. It is served with rice and crisp potato straws. 

Where to find this? At Cafe Brasil - a cozy Brazilian restaurant situated on 421 Cambridge Street, Allston, MA. The Strogonoff there however, was different to any other Strogonoff I've had before. It contains the usual beef, onions and mushrooms (like all Brazilian Strogonoffs) but has some heart of palm bits added to it, making the dish all the more unique. 

For those who have never had it before, it is quite hard to describe the taste as it is pretty unique. However, if you are a fan of creamy risottos and paejas then this is definitely something for you to try! :)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Chicken Quesadilla

My Rating: ****
Components: chicken breast, chipotle barbecue sauce, chihuahua cheese, pico, pico de gaio, mexican rice, black beans
Location: Dos Caminos Soho | 475 West Broadway, New York, NY 10012-5309
(212) 277-4300‎ 

I didn't expect it to be a mexican restaurant at all. The restaurant itself has a contemporary yet "rustic" feeling to it, making it look slightly edgy. What gives the atmosphere a little cheer up is the illumination. Natural sunlight floods in through the ceiling at the back park of the restaurant, creating a outdoor feel - fits perfect for the little busy setting of Soho. 

Well, chicken quesadillas are just chicken quesadillas but one can always make a few tweaks to make it even more tasty. At Dos Caminos, the chipotle sauce made the difference. It gives the usual cheese + chicken + tortilla a little more spice, and also goes well with the black bean paste on the side - something I have not yet seen in typical Mexican food places. Furthermore, with the cheese  rather softer in texture and taste (unlike those sticky and oily cheese you find around),the quesadilla has this "creamy" feel. 

For more flavor, order a serving of their Guacamole - apparently what they are best known for. I was never a fan of Guacamole but this time I could not stop eating it. Mixed with salsa and your choice of chili sauce, the guaca goes well with either their nachos or the quesadilla.

If you are looking for Mexican food, yet also want to enjoy a nice environment,  then Dos Caminos is definitely a place to check out. With a wide selection of Tequila and Mohitos from the bar, it is a nice place to hang out with friends before a shopping spree in the nice warm spring weather :) Keep in mind though, the price is certainly not what you pay at Chipotle or Anna's...but it is totally worth it.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Kaeng Kiew Wan with Goong

My Rating: *****
Components: Thai Green Curry with Tiger Prawns, thai fragrant white rice.
Location: Notting Hill, London. 

First of all, I don't know why my pictures have lost a little shine ever since my last post, might be the file type or something like that. 
Anyway, this post is not JUST about the dish itself. Green curry...such a typical Thai dish found in any Thai restaurant, yet this one will always be the most memorable one. 

As my friend and I were walking along the cute streets of Notting Hill after visiting the Museum of Advertising, Packaging and Labels, we started to get slightly hungry..yet all there was in this street was a pub. As we walked on the opposite side of the pub, however, a sign caught my eyes: "Thai Restaurant". To our surprise, the sign was located right above the Pub's main entrance. What a weird looking Thai didn't look Asian at all. 

Well, we went in to check and yes, it was a pub indeed and yes it was a Thai restaurant. The Thai bar tender greeted us with her English yet Asian accent and we chose to sit on one of the high tables next to the window. I was a craving a spicy rice dish, hence my choice of Green Curry. 

It was just such a contrast of settings, yet it created a interesting and new feeling. Surrounded by dark wooden chairs and dark brown leather, a full bar with dangling wine and beer bottles and certainly a more typical "pubish" friend and I were sitting there eating: Thai food.

And oh what a Thai food it was. The Green curry was creamier than any other curries I had before...the consistency just made it so much better to eat it with the Thai rice..they kind of stick together in this sticky little mess and when you put one spoon full into your mouth, a blast of coconut milk, peppers and basil erupts simultaneously with a tinge of spice. It is important to eat the curry while hot, I feel like if it gets cold, it loses its special fire burn...something I really appreciate in food even though it makes me tear up and use up tons of paper napkins to blow my nose. 

So there I sat..mesmerized at this awesome Thai curry in a Pub, starring out the window looking at the little streets of Notting Hill - a little funny experience I decided to share. 

Monday, March 15, 2010

Grand Thali

My Rating: ****
Components: two curries, indian canape, two vegetables, one dal, raita, kachumber (indian salad), papadum & chutney, wholeweat chapatti, rice. 
Location: Masala Zone 147 Earl's Court Road, London, SW5 9RQ, United Kingdom

I don't understand much about Indian food, all I have ever had is Chicken Tikka Masala and a few different curries, so this was quite and experience for me. What I found most hard was to describe what I was tasting when I didn't know what it was. This just means I have to eat more Indian food and eventually know all the spices used in their culinary...sounds like a yummy plan to me :) 
With a mixture of distinct and very different spices, this platter is quite hard to describe. While the Chicken curry had a more sour and creamy feel, the Lamb curry had a unique taste coming from the lamb meat mixed with a light tomato essence. Both had a tinge of spice to it which would last pretty much throughout the entire meal.
For those who never had Indian food before, the curry is to be consumed either with the rice or the chapatti. I personally preferred the curry with the rice as the flavours would blend in better. With the chapatti, the taste of flour was sometimes stronger than the curry itself, two flavours which I think clash instead of mesh.
To ease the fire and the strong taste of spices, I found it really helpful to eat the chapatti with the yogurt side. The spices and strong taste of the curries would somehow neutralize and allow me to fully appreciate the other sides on the platter.
The papadum and chutney, each consumed separately with the kachumber created a nice blend. The pineapple chutney was definitely much sweater than any other dishes on the platter, hence it was a good “wow” of flavour if you know what I mean. The Papadum had much stronger taste. Not only it was spicy but sour and salty at the same time. It might sound a little disgusting but if consumed with the kachumber, a nice sweet, spicy, sour and salty blend was created ( I know its sounds a little complicated!).
I found the vegetable side dishes to have quite usual tastes. One of them was a side made of carrots, potatoes and peas, making the sauce really sweet and mild. The other vegetable was made of lentills and some kind of beans…the taste of lentills predominated the side dish and as I am not a fan, I didn't really touch it.
Altogether, the platter was quite a messy mixture of spices and flavours, however, I am pretty sure there is a traditional way to eat it in order to best savour the dish. I just need to know more about Indian food and learn HOW to eat it.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Capricciosa Pizza

My Rating: *****
Ingredients: Tomato Sauce, Ham, Egg, Pepperoni Sausage, Mushrooms, Mozzarella, Olives.
Location: 15 Gloucester Rd, London SW7 4PP

Located in the second most expensive living areas of London (the cars around the neighbourhood show its status), Da Mario is quite the location to have a casual meal with friends. With a friendly and rather cheerful setting, the Italian restaurant offers a selection of Salads, Pastas and Individual Pizzas. Recommended by a friend to have the pizza instead of the pasta, I chose the Capricciosa, which caught my attention because it contained eggs. I guess it reminded me of the "Portguesa" pizza we have back in Brazil, one of my favourites. 

This Pizza is just delicious, with its VERY thin crust, it is very easy to handle with utensils. The blending of the tomato sauce together with Mozzarella's and Pepperoni's oil, creates an infusion of tomato with pepperoni essence, making the pizza slightly salty, yet it only takes a piece of the crust to create just the right balance of flavour. The egg, even though not spread out all over the pizza is always a surprise ingredient to have in one of your pizza bites. Since I don't like olives, I took them out before eating, but the oil and slight tinge of flavour it usually leaves behind is always part of eating experience. 

The pizza is pretty similar to the pizzas in Brazil, which opposite to the regular pizza's in the Unites States, contains a thinner crust, therefore absorbing less of the tomato sauce and making the pizza more juicy and tasty. Definitely a place to check out when visiting London. 

Friday, March 5, 2010

Flavoured Kit Kats!

Click me: Ad Age article on flavoured Kit Kats.

So in December while I was in Narita Airport, Tokyo I saw these irregular Kit Kat packages from afar. I wondered why they weren't the regular red you see around. As I got closer I was AMAZED to see that they were different falvoured Kit Kats! I bought two boxes of each flavour and stuffed my carry-on luggage. Well, the chocolates are obviously gone but I kept part of the packaging and glued it into my tickets collection booklet. Just thought it might be interesting for some of you guys to see it. Enjoy :)

The flavours they had in the region were Green Tea, Ginger Ale, Strawberry, Cheesecake, Milk Coffee (I think) and a special version with a different type of cookie inside. Notice how the packagings are extra colourful...makes the the regular Kit Kat pacakging look so lame and boring. 

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dubu Kimchi Jaeyook Bokum

First of all, I hope I wrote the name correctly, second: I MADE IT MYSELF! :) It was a slight failure as it came out a little to salty but I think I know what I have to do next time. The Kimchee taste wasn't too strong, so perhaps I should put it in first and let it stir fry till all the water comes out..hmmm. 

For the non asians, this is a Korean dish made with stir fried pork and Kimchee with tofu on the side. It is best with soft and silky tofu, but I had to deal with whatever I had in the fridge. 


  1. Minced garlic and cut thin slices of onion.
  2. Took out some of the fat on the pork (there was far too much, but definitely have to leave some for taste and texture).
  3. Mixed it together in a container with Gojujang (Red Pepper paste) and let it sit there for a little.
  4. Put some oil in the pan (should I use sesame oil next time?)
  5. Tipped the juicy pork with gojujang, garlic and onions. (Maybe I should put the kimchee first next time?)
  6. Put a chunk of kimchee and started stirring. 
  7. To enhance flavor I added a tiny bit of salt, sugar, rice vinegar and a tiny bit of Dashida ( Beef stock?)
  8. Add some tofu slices on the side. I like tofu so I put extra, but usually when you order it outside, there are just a few slices and MUCH MORE pork and kimchee!
For professionals at this dish...please don't laugh if my ingredients are a little funny!! I cooked with my own instincts (and for the first time). If there is something missing...please let me know :)

Ok..back to studying for midterms.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Soupe à l’Onion Gratinée

My Rating: *****
Location: Petit Robert Bistro. 468 Commonwealth Ave. Boston, MA 02215

This cozy and sometimes unnoticeable French restaurant holds one of the best onion soups I have ever had. Dig into the think layer of gratineed cheese to find a lightly salted, flavour-filled soup. The toast is hidden at the bottom of everything, long soaked in the onion broth.  

The soup is at its best when its straight out of the oven. Enjoy the texture of molten cheese while you slowly sip on the hot soup. Together with the live Jazz playing (every Sunday from 1pm to 3pm) and the cold windy weather outside, this little pot of soup brings warmth and satisfaction for those seeking the "home-made" and "cozy" rather than the fancy and luxurious. 

Friday, February 19, 2010

Chipotle Barbacoa Burrito

Ingredients: rice, black beans, barbacoa, corn medium spicy salsa, red pepper extra hot sauce, cheese and lettuce.
Overall rating: ****
Location: 876 Commonwealth Av. Boston, MA. 

So this no novelty, but I thought I should post it up due to my inexplicable passion for Burritos. A Chipotle opened up on campus yesterday (they were giving out free burritos 11am to 8pm), so I decided to go there for lunch.
One thing I figured, is that it is SO HARD to take a good picture of something as disgusting (yet so yummy) as a bitten burrito. I think I took ten shots or so before I decided to post this one up (my second shot -_-).

Anyway, it was my first time having the Barbacoa burrito and I have to say, I recommend to those who are looking for a tinge of spice and softness in their beef. I have only had the Chipotle Chicken and Steak burritos before which aren't bad, but the Barbacoa definitely brings out a different texture, though obviously its more oily. To enhance the flavour and the whole burrito "experience", I would suggest you to put both the Corn salsa and the red pepper hot sauce. Since the corn is sweet, it adds a crisp and fresh feel to the surrounding mushy rice, soft beans and molten cheese.  To make it even better, add the Rapalenos Tabasco sauce...a mild spicyness with a twist.

I don't think I could ever rate Chipotle burritos as five stars though.For the big fans out there I am sorry but I personally think Anna's Taqueria is MUCH better. The rice and beans at Chipotle don't seem to have much seasoning, while Anna's bring out a more authentic Mexican flavour and feel. Furthermore, the whole feeling of sitting in a Anna's and Chipotle is definitely different too. At Anna's you are helped by a spanish speaking community surrounded by exotic mexican music but in Chipotle you are sitting down listening to American country songs (at least thats what was playing today). The whole feeling and satisfaction after eating is just different.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Granola Apple Yogurt

  • One Apple
  • As much Vanilla non-fat yogurt as you want
  • 1/2 cup of Special K Granola
It's a healthy way to start or end your day...or to simply eat in the middle of the day. It is for breakfast, lunch, dinner...anything!! :) Granola and yogurt one of my favourite..hmm can I call it a meal? 
The crunchyness of the granola all mixed together with the yogurt's consistency...YUM! Actually, the fatter the yogurt the better the consistency, but for diet issues..lets leave it at non-fat! haha..As long as the granola is still crunchy and the yogurt is till's allllll good. Seriously, soggy granola is one the BIGGEST turn-offs in life and the same goes to cereals.
By adding fruits like bananas, apples, strawberries, blueberries you create a different mixture of texture and flavour! This particular mixture might be a little sweet for some of you out there, I'm personally not a fan of things that are overwhelmingly sweet and artificial (the vanilla yogurt), but I guess the natural taste of the apples and the grainy flavours of the granola balances everything out.
Oh! AND it keeps you full!! :D

Friday, February 5, 2010

Strawberry and Cream Chocolate - Hotel Chocolat

Description: "a classic combination recreated in this soft centered recipe"
Review: With a thick layer of white chocolate on the outside and a thin layer of milk chocolate on the inside, the chocolate breaks as you first take a bite and you can taste some of the strawberry cream. The white chocolate immediately starts melting while strawberry cream dissolves slowly. When the entire chocolate is put into the mouth you first feel the sweet taste of the strawberry cream and as it is slowly dissolving and disappearing, you slowly feel the rich taste of white creamy chocolate. Both falvours blend together smoothly and slowly while you savour the taste and texture. Eventually it dissolves leaving a mild sweet aftertaste in your mouth.
My rating: *****
Location: Its in the Copley mall in Boston. Im sure a lot of you have seen it!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


So...I have finally decided to get into this! 
An idea of a food blog has been in my mind ever since September, but I still needed that last push to make this happen. Bet all of my family and friends out there find this blog a perfect reflection of me. 

For those who don't know me, just know one thing: I LOVE eating. Not just eating whatever that is in front of me, or gobbling down junk food while watching TV (though I have those days - I am sure that if you are a girl, you understand me (my roommates sure do!)), but appreciating a carefully cooked meal. By meal, I mean a meal that makes you naturally go O_O when you take the first bite...when the flavor, texture and "feeling" first hits you. I don't know what it's like for you, but for me, food can affect my mood of the entire day. Basically, good food makes me happy and unappetizing food can make me really moody. I bet lots of you out there share the same feelings. 

I wanted to differentiate this food blog from many out there by making it more personal. Therefore, the accounts I write are more for personal reasons rather than trying to inform people, yet I was hoping that my mouthwatering experiences could inspire some of you out there some way or the other.  

Hope you enjoy it! :)