Tuesday, March 29, 2011

KingFish Hall @ Quincy Market, Boston, MA

A restaurant that completely threw me off guard. We weren't craving anything specific that day..all we knew was that we didn't want the food inside Quincy Market. Somewhere where we could sit and eat comfortably while staying away form the cold wind outside. Basically we walked in with no expectations whatsoever. 

We ordered a bowl of their Clam Chowder with these AMAZING Oyster Crackers and shared a Lobster Meat on Pumpernickel Bread with Fontina Cheese. It comes with a Tomato Soup and Baby Greens with Mango Salsa on the side. AMAZING~ The soup gives an extra flavor to the bite of soft bread, cheese and lobster!

The second dish was the Thai Bouillabaisse. I know, not the place to order a Thai dish..but I wanted to see how a non-Asian place would handle a flavor of Thai in a western dish. It turned out pretty good. It was a taste of seafood with a twist of Thai red curry.

I was too full to order their dessert. :(

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