Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Chop Salad - Sonsie, Boston MA

Dish: Chop mixed lettuce, egg, crouton, grilled bacon, tomato, Old Chatham camembert 13
Restaurant: Sonsie
Location: 327 Newbury St. Boston | MA

I didn't mean to go to Sonsie so often but I had this terrible meal at Stephanie's on Newbury ( I will post it next) this past weekend and ran to Sonsie in hope of something. Unfortunately I was already half full so all my friend and I ordered was a Salad and a dessert ( coming up later too). 

I ordered the salad after seeing another table ordering it. And yummmmm! It was awesome! The crispyness of the bacon plus the camembert cheese fuses REALLY well with the salad leaves! It was the perfect balance in flavor and texture. 

Unfortunately I am not a big fan of raw tomato so I didn't touch them. There were little pieces of tomatoes in the salad, however, and those blended in pretty well too cause the tomato taste was not overwhelming. 

It's certainly a perfect choice for a very light meal or appetizer :)

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  1. This is on of my favorite restaurants! Joseph Chaiwhan Kim