Sunday, April 3, 2011

Risotto - Sonsie, Boston MA

Risotto - spinach, carnaroli rice, roasted portabella mushrooms, truffle ricotta.

Restaurant: Sonsie
Location: 327 Newbury St., Boston MA 02115

Well, not a out-of-the-typical place to go, but just thought I'd post this up since I got my detachable flash working well last night when we went to Sonsie. 

I was actually in between a Lobster salad and this. I asked the waitress what she suggested "Definitely the Risotto!"....lame choice. 

I really like spinach..and really like mushrooms..but the risotto was just disappointing. It lacked salt and I thought it could be more creamy. The taste of spinach and mushroom was not strong enough. I had to ask for some Parmesan cheese for more flavor..and even splash some salt. But then again, probably my salty brazilian palette interfered there. 

I kind of regretted not getting the Lobster salad instead..but oh well. Next Time!