Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Grotto- Boston, MA

Fontina Cheese Fondue
Beef tenderloin, Aged balsamic, Truffle oil, Portobello mushrooms

Pan Roasted Buffalo Mozzarella 
Baby spinach, Black olives, Small tomatoes, Capers

Potato gnocchi, Short ribs, Mushrooms, Gorgonzola

Melting chocolate cake with Vanilla ice cream

Lemon Panna Cotta
Raspberry sauce, crispy pizzelle cookie

Location: 37 Bowdoin St. Boston | MA 02114

Hidden in the cute streets of Beacon Hill, Grotto is one of the few restaurants on Bowdoin. If not illuminated by a few Christmas lights on the restaurant sign, Grotto would probably be passed unnoticed, blending into the similar brown stone houses on the street. A few tiny steps takes you to a door, which most likely has people inside, waiting to be seated. 

The place has a rustic yet romantic kind of feel due to its dimmed ambience and little candles on the table. It's perfect for a date with someone you already know :) ..One word of advice though: Make reservations.

What I liked most about this place is its fixed menu price. For some reason they kept the same prices from Restaurant Week, but you are more than welcome to order A la Carte. 

As an appetizer I ordered the Fontina Cheese Fondue. It was GREAT. The cheese was not too strong and seasoned perfectly. I was craving some more tender tenderloin bites after they were all gone...but the portion was JUST the right amount for an appetizer. I had some cheese left after my beef and mushrooms were gone, so I dipped my bread in it :D

My entree was the Gnocchi dish. The first reaction is: OMG. Not for the Gnocchi..but for the short ribs. SOOO tender and soft. They almost melt in your mouth. It sure was somewhat fatty, but woa..worth it. Gotta say though, maybe there were too many Gnocchi bits..they are WAYY too filling.

As you can see, I was in a red meat craving that night. Nothing better than a glass of red wine :) It fuses with both the cheese fondue and the gnocchi dish. Perfect! I just can never finish an entire glass haha.

My dessert was the Panna Cotta. It was good at the first few bites. Its really smooth and creamy, but after a while the taste is overwhelming and I could not take it anymore. Perhaps a LITTLE too much cream in could also be a little less sweet. So far the best Panna Cotta I've had was at Pigalle. Unforgettable! 


  1. cute blog :D foods look delish~~~
    do you ever cook at home too? I liked those crackers you made the day I left Boston :))) those weree awesome munchies. maybe a post on cooking j'yahh?

  2. yummm! i actually really wanted to try grotto for restaurant week..glad they kept their prices the same..i will have to visit sometime..fondue looks delish!